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Today, at the British Medical Association in London, IOSH is launching free practical materials to help businesses tackle asbestos-related cancer as part of its No Time to Lose (NTTL) campaign.


So far, 62 countries, including the UK and those in the European Union, have banned the use of asbestos and have specific laws to protect workers and others at risk of being exposed to it.


However, there are still many thousands of tonnes of asbestos-containing material (ACM) in buildings, industrial plant and equipment, all over the world, all around us. Asbestos is still imported into and used in many countries, and workers and members of the public remain at risk from breathing in asbestos fibres.


The practical resources launched today with the NTTL campaign will help businesses highlight risks and educate workers about the dangers of exposure to asbestos. You’ll find guidance, infographics, leaflets, posters, presentations, real-life stories and more – everything to engage and inform the workforce.


We believe we can prevent asbestos-related cancer by working together. We urge you to get involved in the asbestos phase of NTTL by:


We hope you can get involved in this important phase of the NTTL campaign to help save lives from asbestos-related cancer.


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